Irish Gyroplanes

Learn about gyroplanes

What is a Gyroplane?

A Gyroplane is an Aircraft

They are similar to a Helicoptor but the rotors are not powered by the engine

They have freely rotating rotor blades

Which they use to fly in the air

They have one or two seats

This depends on the Gyroplane model

The Gyroplane in Action

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Gyroplanes in Media

This page provides a list of Gyroplanes that have appeared in various films and TV shows. Each section shows...

  • The Gyroplanes Model
  • The Year of the Film/TV show
  • An Image of the Gyroplane
  • Visit Media Page

Maintaining a Gyroplane

Its important to maintain a Gyroplane to ensure it is safe to fly. If you click on the button below you can get a list of common procedures for checking and maintaining a Gyroplane.

How to get a Gyroplane?

You can't just pick up a gyroplane at the local shop. What are the requirments to own one? How do you get a pilots licence?

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Gyroplane Websites, Events and Forums

Alternative Gyroplane Websites with further information, event information and discussion forums.

Bensen Days

Gyroplane event held every year in Florida in March


The Irish Light Aviation Society hold events through the year for its members, visitors may also attend. The society caters for fixed wing and rotor crafts including Gyroplanes.


The Popular Rotorcraft Association provides a list of events in America

Rotary Forums

Like the ILAS they hold events throughout the year but you don't have to be a member

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