Irish Gyroplanes

How to get a Gyroplane

Owning a Gyro

Before getting involved in any activity one should research it. There’s lots of information out there. Books, internet, people who are involved, get a flight in a gyro. Read, get familiar, get trained and read some more.

Like any light aircraft, gyroplanes can be purchased in plans, kit or factory built. There are 2 types of light aircraft in Ireland permitted and certified. A certified aircraft can only be maintained by a qualified person for that aircraft, you as the pilot or owner are not qualified or allowed to maintenance the aircraft. These aircraft have a C of A (certificate of airworthiness) Permitted aircraft are different. Gyroplanes in Ireland come under this category. These are known as homebuilt aircraft. A person builds from plans, buys a kit and assembles it. To qualify to maintain your gyroplane you must complete 51% of the project yourself this deems you qualified to maintain your aircraft. ILAS (Irish Light Aviation Society) are the group that look after homebuilt and vintage aircraft in Ireland. To build or restore an aircraft you would join ILAS be given a project number and assigned an inspector. During the build process your aircraft will be inspected several times and signed off at the different stages. When the project is complete there is a final inspection then application for registration to the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) After you have received your registration you must insure the aircraft and have a final inspection. Your inspector will issue your aircraft with a permit for test flight. Then a competent pilot will test fly your machine make any final adjustments. When all the paperwork is complete it’s sent to ILAS where they forward it to the IAA for a permit to fly. You will then be issued with a 1 year or a 3 year permit to fly.

Flying a Gyroplane

According to the Irish Aviation Authority, to fly a gyroplane it is required to hold a Private Pilot Licence. If you are learning to fly, you must have a Student Pilot Licence before flying the gyroplane alone and may only fly solo when authorised by a licensed Flight Instructor. Want to learn how to fly book a lesson at Chris Jones Gyroplanes

Medical requirements

Before getting solo on a Student Pilot Licence, or being issued with a Private Pilot Licence, you must pass a medical examination for a Class 2 Medical Certificate. This examination must be undertaken with a doctor who is nominated as an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) by the IAA.

Source IAA website

Flying Requirements

To get a licence you must undergo a course of ground and flight training. This training will have to carried out at a Registered Training Facility approved by the IAA. Flight training that covers normal and emergency procedures in general handling and cross-country navigation exercises. A minimum of 40 hours total flight time, which must include 10 hours of 'solo' time and the required qualifying solo cross country flight.

Ground training covers

  • Airframe and engine technical knowledge
  • Aircraft performance and ‘weight & balance'
  • Meteorology (weather)
  • Navigation theory and flight planning
  • Air law (Rules of the Air)
  • Radio communications (including Air Traffic Control procedures)
  • Human Performance & Limitations (the medical, physical and psychological aspects of flying


To fly a gyroplane you need...

A Minimum of 40 hours Experience

10 of thoses hours must be solo flights

Pass a Medical Examination

To make sure you are healthy enough to fly solo

Know Air Laws & Procedures

To ensure that you fly safely and not endanger your life and others

Gyroplane Technical Knowledge

How can you fly one if you don't know how it works