Irish Gyroplanes

Maintaining a Gyro

Pre-flight Check

It's important to check your Gyroplane before each flight to ensure that it is safe to fly. A pre-flight check includes

  • Fuel Gyroplane
  • Check oil
  • Inspect rotor and propeller blades
  • Inspect tyres and brakes
  • Making sure the area is clear and safe to fly
  • and more

To see a full pre-flight check click the link for a video

Pre-flight check video

Balancing Rotor Blades

Gyroplane rotor blades must be balanced and tracked to reduce vibration. There is a two part video showing how it is done linked below

Video 1 Video 2

Rotax Two-Stroke Engine Maintenance Schedule

Here is the list of engine checks to be carried out at various times. You can look at the full maunal at the link below

Rotax Maintenance Manual