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Gyroplanes in Media

In this film one of the characters flies around the world in his gyroplane named "The Spirit of Brooklyn". A KELLETT K-3 AUTOGIRO NC12691 was used for filming. It was also used in the film "It Happened One Night".
The same model (KELLETT K-3 AUTOGIRO NC12691) is used in this film as "International House". It is used when the bridegroom King Westley arrives dramatically for the wedding.
A Cierva C-30A appears briefly in Alfred Hitchcocks 1935 film.
The main characters arrive at the Space Gun in an Art Deco-style gyroplane. The gyroplane was designed by Norman Bel Geddes. It was designed to give a futuristic look for this sci-fi film.
Here is the first appearance of the Batgyro. Introduced in Detective Comics #31 this was Batman's first aircraft. It only made three appearances before being replaced by a more conventional fixed-wing aircraft.
One of the most famous Gyroplanes in media "Little Nellie" is a Ken Wallis WA-116. Piloted by Ken Wallis himself durring filming. Bond flies the aircraft blowing up the villians helicoptors. The gyroplane is shown on some of the posters and a toy was made shortly after.
In the episode "Planet of the spiders" the Doctor's car is stolen and the Doctor chases the stolen car in a Campbell Super Cricket gyroplane. This was the last episodes to feature the third Doctor.
The first film directed by aclaimed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The evil Count of Cagliostro owns a custom gyroplane in his castle. The main characters later use it to escape the castle. This is the only animated film to have a gyroplane in it. It was even made into a toy which only released in Japan.
In episode 3 of the mini-series Ben Driscoll flies a Wallis WA-116T two-seater gyroplane. He flies to meet Genevieve Seltzer, whom he believes to be the last woman on Mars
An autogyro was heavily featured in the second Mad Max film. It appeared in several scenes with its pilot, the Gyro Captain, as a major character. The pilot used in the flying sequences was Gerry Goodwin, doubling for the actor, Bruce Spence.
In the film, Pippi Longstocking sees an autogyro in flight so she and her friends decide to build their own.
Cliff Secord and his girlfriend Jenny are rescued from an exploding zeppelin at the last second by an autogyro piloted by their friend Peevy and Howard Hughes.
Durring the play at the end of the film, the villian Count Olaf uses a prop gyroplane for his dramatic entrance.